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Dr Ulrich Eichhorn, Chief Technology Officer, Volkswagen Group

EMIS hearing 13 July 2016

The representative of Volkswagen made very clear, just like the Renault representative before him, that the industry interpretation of the Euro 5/6 regulation is that the limit values for NOx emissions only...

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EMIS hearing 20 June 2016

Nick Molden, Emission analytics “People preferred not to know there was a problem.”

Latest speaker of the day in the Committee of inquiry into Emission Measurements in the Automotive Sector (EMIS) was Nick Molden from Emission analytics.

Flickr: Fotos_von_Carlos CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Feuille de route du groupe Verts/ALE pour la commission d'enquête

mesures d'émissions dans le secteur automobile (EMIS)

Les Verts/ALE ont établi une feuille de route en six points pour la Commission d'enquête qui devra rassembler des éléments de preuve, auditionner les scientifiques et...


Pollution de l'air: règlementation du secteur automobile

Le parlement se soumet à l'acte illégal de la Commission européenne et des États

Le Parlement européen s'est prononcé sur l'objection à une mesure d'exécution (comitologie) adoptée le 28 octobre 2015 par le...


EU NOx emissions - how the automotive industry shaped policy

A report by InfluenceMap

The subject of this report is to thoroughly map out the activities and positions of the key participants in the EU NOx policy process over the last decade and in the wake of the Volkswagen scandal to show in...


Car pollution scandal

EU Parliament inquiry committee takes shape

The European Parliament today voted to approve the composition of the new parliamentary inquiry committee, set up to investigate the car pollution scandal. The 45 member committee will include 3 Green members: Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms (DE), Bas Eickhout (NL)...

Very Worrying VolksWagen scandal